10 Sharp Alarm Clocks Deigned to Wake Deep Sleepers

Have you ever missed an important event because you didn’t hear the alarm clock? Happens sometimes. But who do you blame? It could be your fault that you were in way too deep sleep that a normal sounded alarm clock could not wake you up. Or it could even be the clock’s fault that its sound was dull, low intensity or not sharp enough to wake you up. So, what you are going to need is, sharp alarm clocks that actually work.

Whatever the case is, you need worry from this day that you will not hear the damn alarm clock because I am going to review 10 sharp alarm clocks designed to wake up deep sleepers. Unlike other dumb clocks or online ones, these babies are guaranteed to wake you up.


A small disclaimer, there’s also an alarm clock brand named SHARP. We are looking for literally sharp alarm clocks and not the SHARP branded clocks even though some may belong to the brand.

10 Sharp Alarm Clocks for Deep Sleepers

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1. Screaming Meanie Timer and Alarm 


The name justifies the nature of the alarm clock. The alarm tone is 120 dB loud, which is very intense. It’s almost like someone screaming in your ear. This clock has been considered to be a very effective travel alarm clock. There’s no way you are going to ignore the sound of it even in the presence of other ambient noises.

Other important features of this sharp alarm clock are it’s got a timer, it has 3 levels of sound for variation, and it is powered by a single 9-volt battery. Also, it glows in the dark. So it is a very good item for the price.


2. SBB500SS Sonic Bomb with Bed Shaker


This device from Sonic Alert is really a bomb when it comes to waking up someone from the sleep. It comes with a portable pad which shakes and vibrates. Ideally, this pad is supposed to be kept under your pillow or anywhere attached to your bed. With the combination of the 113 dB sharp alarm tone and the vibrating pad, there is no way you are not going to wake up.

It has adjustable volume levels too if you think the sound was too much. You can have a buzzer, siren, just lights or many combinations for the wake-up tone. And it does have dual alarm meaning you can set two alarms simultaneously. It is light weight and doesn’t occupy much space. Plus it comes with 1-year blast proof warranty.



3. SPC800 Twin Bell


This clock is an analog one with very classic looks. It’s got two bell heads at the top which gives the original classic vibe. It glows in the dark and the dials are also luminous. Powered by external a single AA battery, it is very loud and sharp due to its analog ring the bell style alarm tone.

 The only drawback I see is that it manual and you need to set it every time you need, unlike other automatic ones.

You definitely cannot ignore the sound of this one like you do other ones.


4. ZHPUAT 4.6″ with Smart Backlight and Dimmer


You are guaranteed to wake up with this baby. It is simple in design yet content with powerful features like customizable background brightness. You can set it to smart brightness where it senses the light and turns the light automatically or set it to manual mode.

A rather important feature in context to the article, its alarm tone volume gets progressively louder from 50 dB to 75 dB which is quite sharp and therefore will wake you up.

It also measures indoor temperature, displays it and other important stuff like month, date and alarm setting. As for power, it uses 3 AAA batteries.



5. RCD30 Alarm Clock


With 1.4″ Red LED Display, it has been the best selling clock on the Amazon for quite a few period. It provides a simple interface and easy to use control buttons. It also possesses a full-width snooze button with classic looks.

RCD30 can be operated with two different power sources, you run it with AC socket plug and there is battery backup for the situations with a loss of power. Needless to say, it is very sharp to wake up deep sleepers, it is very affordable too.



6. SPC026A 0.6″  Keyboard Design


The display is pretty bright and cannot be dimmed, which makes it perfect for bedside or desktop clock. It comes in keyboard design and has control on the front side. The display is red in color for easy visibility. It is powered by a 9V external battery.

It has the basic features of an alarm clock like the alarm itself and snooze. Keep in mind that the display is just 0.6 inches. People love it for its sharp alarm tone.



7. Travelwey Digital LED


They say this clock is designed with extreme simplicity in mind so that it is very functional for seniors, elders, and children. With very loud sound, it rings for 5 continuous minutes unless you stop it. Which means you are not going to sleep over this one, no way.

Other important features it has are that it is powered by AC plug and also has battery backup facility. Also for greater stability, it has rubber feet and has less chance of falling down or slipping off. It has 2 modes of brightness level high/low. But the display is a big red LED and is very clear and bright.


8. SharpTech SPC303 LCD


Folding case and metal body make it unique from others in the list. It’s got slick and ultra slim looks. The controls and settings are pretty easy.

It features much information like months, date and the temperature too. It is quite small but the display is visible. Perfect for travelers too. It is very portable and reliable. Reliable in a sense that the sound is pretty sharp. Not loud as you would expect but sharp enough to wake you up from a deep sleep. It has 0.9-inch Liquid Crystal Display. You could even fit it in your pocket after fold it.


9. DigiRed with 2 Power outlet and USB port


This is an electrically powered alarm clock with very convenient features like two power out sockets and a 2 ampere USB port. It’s got five feet long power chord. In a way, this device works as a multi-plug too because of its 2 power outlet sockets. Or you can charge your small mobile devices with its USB port.

The display is a clear red LED which is quite visible. The alarm clock features snooze and two brightness levels high/low. The sound is “beeps” but they are very loud and sharp.

When features compared to the price, it is a big win.




10. TimeVision Super Loud Portable Alarm


You can see the speakers at the image of the clock and that explains how sharp and loud it can get. It is built with very simple and super easy button setting. Powered by 4 double A batteries, it has a nice portable size and has LCD display. The display is black numbers on a white screen which is very clear to see and recognize.

Talking about the sound, it is very loud enough to wake up deep sleepers. However, it has a Hi/Low setting if that becomes too loud for you and want a softer sound. The price for the such a product beats everything.





So these were the 10 very sharp alarm clocks which are designed to wake heavy sleepers with their high intense and sharp sound of the wake-up tone. All products are of very reasonable price and some are even cheaper than you thought would be. Get yourself one that you find interesting and be guaranteed to wake up at the sound of it.

Also, do not forget to share this with the ones you think really need one of these. PEACE